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The staff of Inclusion Key – APS  is composed of experts in new technologies and in the field of entrepreneurship, economy and education.  
The president, Mrs Carmen Guidetti, is a well experienced foreign language teacher who has been working since 2008 with project of European dimension and since 2009 with Etwinning and Comenius projects. Those projects were focused to teach/learn languages in a communicative way and using ICT to rise not only second languages skill but also IT ones. She also manages a foreign languages center where the main goal are the European linguistic certification and she offers advicing and guidance about foreign languages and literature to other entities (public and private ones), including schools. She published several articles got the Istitute Cervantes of Naples and the Conserjería de Cultura y Educación de España aboutthese topics and her scheme of teaching foreign languages, specially, in Spanish; focussing on youth activities. Mr. Dario Pachelli, and Mr. Mauricio Pachelli are Technician and Technician adviser, respectively, with experience in ICT and, specially, in developing websites, apps, programs, games and more. All of these are very useful in the kind of approach to youth people that the Association and the project want to face. They have the task to organize and control all technology aspects and activities of the Association likewise organize IT events, in addition, to learning to code or develop other activities like this, they are the people assigned to contact and contract minded people . Mr, Mauricio Pachelli has got key competences under Youthpass. Mrs. Maria Russo as German linguistic expert, her activities are focused on the management and coordinator of the whole cycle of the project and the creation and coordination of partnerships and its activities in start up phase. She is the secretary of Inclusion Key – APS and it is her main task the monitoring timing activities   Mr. Raffaele Ruffo and Mr. Calabrò Alberto are specialized on  Management of administration and reporting: monitoring technical / administrative / financial; updating the budget; expense tracking; reporting of expenditure through the preparation of periodic reports; drafting of the financial report and the final report.  Mrs Patrizia Arcuri and Francesco Calabrò are the responsables of our comunicating activities and the relations with other institutions and organizations. Consulting and coordination of activities in consueling sector about few opportunities such as disabilities, rights of children women, younth and immigrants, collaborating with other organizations like Emergency, Caritas of Rossano and Cariati, Agenda 21 association, Torre del cupo association and I care association. 

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